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One Plus One Can Add Up To A Healthy You

11 Jul

PhilPortraitSmlby Phillip Tomlinson

“One plus one equals two…”

Yes, here they were – these cute kids — gleefully clapping hands, along with their teacher, while reciting what to so many before them should now be obvious:

“Two plus two equal…”

You get the idea.


But, thankfully, while counting is no longer a problem, do we really get the idea that, in many instances, the numbers game is the avenue to success?

And, yes, wouldn’t you know it, that idea also extends to slimming down and toning up.  In fact, the research is definitive:

Adopt a numbers strategy.

In other words, incorporate several ideas that in their totality will be efficient.


Do this and you would have employed the fastest strategy to sculpting that body that’ll have you turning heads this summer.

Here’s a snapshot of what your strategy may look like:

  • Do full-body workouts.  Remember, you are looking for quality and not quantity.  Do repetitions that will challenge the maximum number of muscles at once. which means your workouts will be shorter but more effective.  Resistance exercise is king because you continue burning calories for hours after your last rep.
  • Make the best use of protein.  Because it takes your body twice as much energy to break down protein as it does to break down carbohydrates, you’ll need to include protein in all your meals and snacks.
  • Nourish your body smartly.  Ingest the majority of your carbohydrates when you’re active.  For example, your body needs protein and carbohydrates before and after your workout, with as little fat as possible – no more then two grams.
  • Eat fats when you are less active.  Examples would be fatty fish like salmon, nuts, avocado, turkey, etc.  The idea here is that your body will burn what’s available.  Hence the saying, you need fat to burn fat.  This is where you’ll need to go very, very easy on carbohydrates
  • Rest.  Remember, your body does most of its repairing and growing when you rest.
  • Drink water.  All that needs saying here is that every metabolic reaction in your body needs water.
  • Avoid, as much as you can, sitting for long periods.  If you have a job that confines you to a desk, take a standing break once an hour.  Why?  Research has shown that right after sitting down the electrical activity in your muscles slows down and your calorie-burning rate decreases to one calorie per minute.  Over an extended period this puts you at risk for weight gain.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start planning that strategy now.  Make a checklist, and pretty soon you’ll discover that one plus one can magically add up to lot more than two.