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Stir The Pot And Watch Those Core Muscles Pop

26 Apr

by Phillip Tomlinson

Yup, they were doing them almost everyday.

A thousand of those babies.  Sit-ups that is.

They were going to unearth the best set of core muscles if it killed them.

Admirable — especially when you consider that my friends’ sit-up marathon followed a grueling hour-long karate workout.

Talk about diligence!

Definitely an A+ for effort.

Thing is, sometimes that kind of effort is just what it is:  nothing more and nothing less.

And in this case, it was definitely nothing more.  Then throw a bunch of sore hip flexors into the mix and, well, you could say things amounted to more than a bit less.

Let’s put it this way, the situp definitely wouldn’t be Superman’s or Superwoman’s go-to exercise when looking to boost those abs of steel which, I might add,  are absolutely essential for flight.


Yup, because while that steely midriff may not make us leap buildings at a single bound, we could come pretty, damn close to flying — with legs pumping like pistons, whether playing sports or simply dashing off to catch the bus.

How about launching yourself into orbit?    

Didn’t think you’d pass up such an exciting opportunity.

Not when you could be stirring the pot and reaping the awesome benefit of flight.

Just stirring-the-pot? 


No, we’re definitely not talking cooking here.  In fact, the only things that’ll be cooked are those core muscles.

You see, stirring-the-pot is an exercise that will not only have you spread out like Superman, but is sure to help you incinerate fat while unearthing that six-pack.

If you’d like to start stirring, and I suspect you would, check out the BodinSync Prescription below.




  1. Rest your elbows on a bodyball with your feet straight out behind you in a pushup position as in diagram.   Be sure to place your elbows in the center of the ball.
  2. Open your legs a bit more than shoulder-width so as to create a firm base with your feet.
  3. Start a stirring motion with your elbows while keeping the rest of your body as still as you can.  In other words, only your elbows should be moving.
  4. Stir 10 times in a clockwise direction and then reverse the motion to complete another 1o repetitions. 
  5. Rest for one minute.
  6. Repeat the exercise twice with a minute rest in between.

If this is two challenging, you can start by simply balancing in the stir-the-pot position (as in stage 1) for 1o seconds, doing 10 repetitions of balancing interspersed with resting.  This will help you get up to speed where you can start stirring.

You can make the routine more challenging by increasing the reps to 15 and additionally doing 10 or 15 pushups on the ball immediately after your stirring repetitions.

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