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A Super Supplement For A Super, Healthy You

10 Apr

by Phillip Tomlinson

It’s a helluvah picture of endurance.

In fact, you could call it a super-marathon of oceanic proportions.

And the participants are themselves something else.

That’s because, for them, the likes of the New York City Marathon — the greatest 26.2-mile course in the world — is oceans away from the hundreds of miles they cover in what can only be seen as a remarkable feat of physical endurance.

But here’s a valid question:

Would you forego eating because you were running a marathon?

Didn’t think so.

Yet, this is exactly what salmon do when they travel hundreds of miles laboriously up-stream — not eating for days — on their way to spawn.

And what does this have to do with us?

A lot it turns out when you consider that the same thing that gives salmon their incredible stamina is also available to us, and is probably the one supplement we cannot afford to do without.

If you haven’t heard the buz, then here‘s something you may want to swallow:


Really.  Literally.

Astaxanthin capsules

For many athletes, this carotenoid which give marine creatures like salmon, their red or pinkish color, is a go-to super-supplement for increasing strength, endurance and overall performance.  It has also been found to protect the eyes, brain and nervous system and is a supplement for youthful skin as well.  But the buz doesn’t stop here, because astaxanthin is not only considered the strongest natural antioxidant known but also one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories in the world — making it an effective reliever of joint and muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and a host of other tissue problems.

And those in the know say its medicinal properties distinguish it as a good alternative to such anti-inflammatories as aspirin and the prescription drug Celebrex.

Astaxanthin’s true magic happens through its ability to go where few other antioxidants can — completely penetrating the body’s cells to neutralize DNA-damaging free radicals and provide overall protection.

Labeled by one expert as the “number one supplement you’ve never heard of but should be taking,” astaxanthin may be bought under that name or taken in the form of krill oil — often referred to as the new omega 3.

Why krill oil?

Turns out that creatures like salmon, lobster and crabs get astaxanthin from eating small crustaceans like the shrimp-like krill which is chock full of the stuff.


If you haven’t yet, how about going for the long haul with this nutrient that may just be the most powerful, natural medicine you’ve never heard of?

So, because I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to go out and have a marathon of a summer, why not check out the BodinSync Prescription below for a few tips on how to get a serious boost.





  1. Although recommendations vary, it is clear that eating salmon — a source of astaxanthin — as many times as you can per week, would be a great addition your diet.
  2. Eight hundred to one thousand milligrams of krill oil per day or about 16 milligrams of astaxanthin, according to research, may — in addition to boosting overall health — also work magic in preventing UV damage and reverse external signs of aging.


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