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Be A Big Baby And Improve Your Health

26 Jul

by phillip Tomlinson

Just make your heart melt — those little people.

Babies, that is.

Ever really watched the movements of a baby?  Sure you have.  Can be pretty amusing and downright funny.

Pumping those legs, while on its back, on a sprint to nowhere; rolling across the floor, from its back to its stomach and vice versa, as if trying to put out a fire; moving its head from side to side uncontrollably because at this age babies lack impulse control.  All this, designed to build muscle for advanced locomotion and body control.

Yeah, that word “muscle.”  You had to know I was going there.

But before I go there, let me ask you this: 

Ever reminisce about being one of those little people again?  No?  Not even so you can be fed, cleaned and pampered?

Don’t miss squirreling across the floor on all fours?

May be it’ll help to be reminded that it’s muscle-building movements like these that turned you into the bipedal machine you are.

And, yes, with a bit of tweeking, some of these movements can still improve your efficiency a bunch.

So, go ahead, be a big baby.  Check out the BodinSync Prescription below and get down on all fours for an effective core exercise that can definitely help in the body control and locomotion department.




  1. Place your hands on the floor, palms first — bringing them together to form a triangle, thumb-to-thumb and forefinger-to-forefinger as in diagram 1.

    diagram 1

  2. Maintaining the placement of your hands, assume a pushup position, forming a secure base with your feet in a wide stance as in diagram 2.

    diagram 2

  3. Keeping your shoulders square and flat, move one arm slowly out to your side while balancing on the other as in diagram 3. 

    diagram 3

    Take care not to rotate your body as you perform the arm movement.  Hold the position for a second before returning your arm to its original position on the floor.

  4. On the same side as the arm you moved, pick that leg up — if you moved your right arm, pick your right leg up and bring your knee toward your right elbow as in diagram 4.

    diagram 4

      That’s one repetition.  Try for 10 on one side.  Rest for 20 seconds before switching to the other side for another 10.


If this is too challenging, you may decrease the degree of difficulty by doing the following —

  1. Simply balancing in the push-up position — using it as a kind of bridge — for repetitions of 20 to 30 seconds several times per week before attempting the leg and arm movements.
  2. Performing the arm and leg movements at less acute angles — decreasing their traveling distance.


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