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Born To Run

1 Dec

by Phillip Tomlinson

Yup, she was born to run.  A real head-turner with an attitude to match.

As I think back now, I remember how, before little moments of separation,  I would, without fail, give her the going over with admiring eyes.

But neither will I forget when things started going down hill.

There we were together many moons ago on a wintery night in the far reaches of Pennsylvania when, without warning, she coughed, sputtered and heaved violently before giving out at the rest stop into which I had guided her.

The next day, the mechanic who had examined my beloved speedster made his diagnosis:  She was running on thin, substandard oil.

The carelessness of youth!

She would run again, but she would never be the same.

You too were born to run — like a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders.  But bad oil coursing through those valves could make for some pretty dire consequences.  And, yes, you too you’ll never be the same.

Assuming you’re already priming your motor with such nutritional wonders as canola and olive oil, you may be overlooking one supplement that, as far as oils go, should be high on your maintenance list at your daily pit stop.

Five stars for fish oil!

That’s because this super lube is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids — healthy polyunsaturated fats — that are essential for a host of biological functions.

According to dozens of studies these super oils are — well — just that.  Super. 

In just about every way.

It turns out that  if you are looking for a near-perfect antidote, scientists believe it may be a good idea to start thinking fish, especially those of the cold-water variety — salmon, mackerel, sardines and halibut among them.

The word is that the high omega-3 content of these fatty swimmers have been known to significantly lower the risk of dozens of afflictions, including stroke, heart disease, colon cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s and kidney cancer.

Problem is, most Americans don’t eat much fish and, even if you do, you could mostly likely use a boost. 

Enter fish oil — a supplement that can be every bit as effective as the salmon on your plate.

Like the fish itself, fish oil supplements contains omega-3s called eicosapentaenoic acid and dacosahexaenoic acid — normally listed as EPA and DHA. 

Now, that’s good news all ’round, especially for those of us who would rather leave these fish right where they are while availing ourselves of the benefits they offer.

But you should also know that not all fish oil provides the necessary amount of EPA and DHA, so you’ll need to check the label to determine if the product contains the recommended amount — 1,000 milligrams to 2000 milligrams a day of EPA and DHA combined.

Experts also recommend another important guideline — capping your intake at 3,000 milligrams a day.  The skinny is that, since fish oil functions as a blood thinner, overdosing could cause excessive bleeding if you were ever injured.

For more on the many benefits of fish oil click on the link in the BodinSync Prescription below.




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