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The One-Two Punch: A Thing Of Beauty

25 Jun
 by Phillip Tomlinson
If you’ve seen it delivered, you’ll agree it’s a thing of beauty.
Boxing’s one-two punch combo.
Don’t think so?
Just take a visit to memory lane and check out master blaster Muhammad Ali ripping incoming opponents to shreds while feeding them leather.
Worked like a charm.
Yes, the one-two punch has its place in history.
But while this is not about eating leather I’m, nevertheless, talking destruction.
Destruction of that something that can be a royal pain the in-the-you-know-what to us all.
Yup, that’s right.  An almost immovable pain in the butt.
Now, assuming you are consistently putting in your time at the gym, you may be overlooking one nutritional, fat-shredding strategy that amounts to a helluvah one-two combo.
Chances are you may already be making use of whey protein which, with its impressive amino acid profile, is one of the most powerful fat-burning and muscle-building supplements you can include in your arsenal.
But, since this is about a one-two punch, you know there’s more.  More protein.
With its higher calcium content, casein can be a lot more beneficial in terms of total fat loss.  And with researchers finding that it’s best to have the correct balance of calcium and protein, they believe casein to be superior in maximizing fat loss.
With whey and casein, you are truly looking at an effective one-two punch.  That’s because, in addition to their fat-burning and muscle-building prowess, they provide protein when your body needs it most.  Whey, when you need quick protein — just before or after a workout.  The slow-digesting casein when you need a steady stream of protein, for example, at night when you are asleep.
So, if you haven’t yet, give this one-two combo a try as you supplement your healthy eating habits, and you’ll find it working for you to great effect.
As for casein,  it has an added bonus  — with researchers touting its ability to guard against colon cancer. 





Wanna dampen the hunger pangs you often wake up with in the morning after all that sleeping without eating?  You can preserve your toned frame by having the following before going to bed: 

  1. a casein protein shake without any carbohydrate
  2. a glass of milk
  3. whey protein with a teaspoon of canola oil, especially if you are unable to handle casein.  The canola oil will cause the protein to be released slowly, thereby spreading it over a longer period.

The whey or casein protein could be mixed with water or, say, a 4o calorie glass of almond milk.


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