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No To Two And A Half Men: Shed The Pounds

27 Mar

by Phillip Tomlinson



Yes, Charlie — as in Sheen — thinks he is and, at this moment, he very well may be as Two and a Half Men comes calling again.

But winning can be defined in many ways.

And while this BodinSync installment is definitely not about Charlie, it’s about that one thing he has so maniacally set his sights on: winning.

To be sure, while Charlie is no paragon of exemplary behavior, winning could again put him in the driver’s seat.

How about you?  Are you in the driver’s seat?  Or is two and a half taking on new meaning for you?

Let’s put it this way:

If you are the protagonist of your own Two and a Half Men production or Two and a Half Women spinoff for that matter — packing on the pounds like there is no tomorrow — you’ll need to get into the driver’s seat.

That’s where you’ll start winning.  

 Yup, by losing.

And when it comes to really getting into the driver’s seat or, should I dare say, any seat at all, you’ll need to first pay attention to your nutritional habits before knocking yourself out on exercise and becoming frustrated when results aren’t forthcoming.

Your approach?

Just the way an ant eats an elephant:  one bite at a time.

In other words, give yourself a reasonable chance at success by adjusting your eating habits by one or two foods at a time.

And when it comes to foods, there’s one that should be high on your menu, especially since it’s high in fiber and low — very, very low —  in just about everything else.

What’s the big deal?

For starters, remember the name shirataki.

That’s because when you compare these noodles to the ones we are accustomed to eating in heaps you’ll find that they are definitely no pasta imposter.

The difference?

They are not loaded with the kind of fast-digesting carbs that could send your blood sugar through the roof.  Instead, these colorless noodles made from the root of the Asian konjac yam largely consists of a mostly soluble fiber called glucomannan which scientists believe helps in lowering — among other things — bad LDL cholesterol and body weight.

Well deserving of the handle “miracle noodles,”  one gram possesses the magical ability, scientists say, to slow sugar absorption into your blood stream after a meal loaded with carbs.

A definition of — you got that right — winning.

So, if winning is high on your to-do list — and I know it is — you may want to check out the links in the BodinSync Prescription below to learn more about the konjac yam and about ways in which you may incorporate shirataki noodles into your diet.




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