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Sit On A Bench And Be Healthier For It

25 Mar

by Phillip Tomlinson

She stepped into the train a little worse for wear, flopping into the nearest seat.  The one next to me.

She breathe a sigh of relief, glanced sideways and flashed me a triumphant smile, happy it seemed just to be sitting down.

I smiled back and that got her talking.

“Ay, dios mio,” she let out, stating the obvious — that she was tired.

She‘d been on her feet, she said, ever since getting out of bed at seven that morning.

It was now somewhere around 2:30 p.m.

Would be a bit much even for a kid much less this good-natured grandmother.

Yup, sometimes a seat is more than just a seat and if you are the one sitting, you may just be better off for it by the time you‘re back on your feet.

That said, I’d like to offer you a seat and you’ll be a lot better off for it developing the kind of core strength that’ll help get you through those rigorous days.

So, pull up a chair or find a bench and check out the Bodinsync Prescription below.




  • Pick up a light to moderate weight dumbbell.  You may have to experiment with different loads until you find the appropriate one.
  • Sit on a chair or the edge of a weight bench, weight in hand hanging at your side while lifting the corresponding leg off the ground as in diagram 1.  CAUTION:  If you use a chair, take care not to sit near the edge because it could topple causing serious injury.
  • Bend your arm  at a 90-degree angle as in diagram 2.
  • Keeping your leg up, push the weight out in front of you until your arm is straight as in diagram 3.  You will feel that side of your core working to help you keep the weight up.  Hold the position for a second and, without dropping your arm, move it horizontally across out to the side as in diagram 4.  Hold for another second.
  • Move your arm along the same plane back to the position in diagram 3.
  • Pull the weight back toward your chest to re-assume the position in diagram 2.
  • Lower the weight back to your side as in diagram 1.
  • Lower your leg to place your foot back on the ground.  THAT’S ONE REPETITION.  Complete 10 before switching the weight to the other hand to do 10 on the other side.
  • TIP:  To make this more challenging, you can start the routine at the second stage in diagram 2 — only lowering the weight and your leg at the end of 10 repetitions.

diagram 1

diagram 2

diagram 3

diagram 4


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