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Do The Darnest Thing And Boost Your Health

15 Jun

ResistBndHeaderby Phillip Tomlinson

They’ll say the darnest things, won’t they?

Kids, that is.

And if they aren’t saying anything, well…

You can count on one thing:  They’ll do the darnest things.

And while you may not remember the first time you held yourself aloft while pushing up from the floor with your hands, ask your momma and she’ll very likely remember the exact moment oh-so-many-years-ago when you did just the darnest thing in reaching that milestone.

So, how are you doing on milestones these days?

And, of course, you have to know that I am referring to milestones of a health-and-fitness nature.

You see, if you aren’t still doing the darnest things, it’s time to get in touch with your inner kid and remember how moments like that one oh-so-many-years ago was instrumental in turning you into the incredible bipedal machine you are.

Ready to raise the bar on incredible?

Then check out the Bodinsync Prescription below for a routine that’ll put you back on all fours and have you doing the darnest thing to benefit just about every muscle in your body.




  • Attach one end of a resistance band to a firmly anchored point, like the foot of a weight bench.

Assume a push-up position away from the point of attachment,  and reach under and across your body to grip the free end of the band as in diagram 1.  You may have to vary your body’s distance from the bench to find the correct tension.  Be sure to position your legs away from your body and out to the side to form a firm base.

diagram 1

diagram 1

  • Pull on the band, extending your arm from under your body and out to the side as in diagram 2.
diagram 2

diagram 2

  • Hold for a count of five before returning your arm to the starting point.
  • Do 10 repetitions while maintaining the push-up position.
  • Switch to the other side and do another 10.
  • Now re-position your body or the band, extending your arm out to the side to grip the band as in diagram 3.

    diagram 3

    diagram 3

  • Pull the band toward you and under your body to the farthest point, as in diagram 4.

    diagram 4

    diagram 4

  • Hold for a count of 10 before returning your arm to the starting position.
  • Do 10 repetitions.

REMINDER: For a closer look, click on each image for a bigger picture.


  • If a full push-up position is too difficult, the routine can be done with your knees on the ground.  CAUTION:  If you do this from  knees-down position, be sure to do so with ample padding on the floor to avoid injury.
  • The routine can be made more difficult by narrowing the placement of your feet while in the push-up position, or/and moving your body away from the bench to increase the tension of the band.


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