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Eat And Protect Your Brainpower?

25 Aug

by Phillip Tomlinson

Livin’ la vida loca?

Could be a good thing if that Ricky Martin tune gets your pulse-pounding, your blood boiling and your feet moving.

Afterall, a little exercise could go a long way, when it comes to keeping those muscles fired up.

But a song in your heart is one thing and fuel for your muscles can be quite another.

In other words, la vida loca may be plain loca if you are blindly going along with one of the favorite trends of food manufacturers.

So, men — yes– men, listen up:  Before you start your engines, be sure you’re fueling up with the right stuff.

That’s because researchers want you to know that if you are consuming an overabundance of soy, you could be doing more harm than good.

So, here’s the skinny:  In order to attract those of us living the low-carb life, food manufacturers have gone over the deep end turning everything into tofu.

Only problem is that what seems to be a good thing could turn out to be hell on men according to researchers.

Let’s put it this way, while your muscles could be getting bigger, your brainpower could be going south.

You see, a University of Hawaii study done on some 8,000 Japanese-American men found that those who ate two servings a week of tofu for the past decade, performed worse on mental ability tests than those who ate less.

It also found that those who ate a lot of tofu in mid-life, had brains that functioned as if they were four years older.

Among the other maladies singled out was the possibility of developing kidney stones.

But like the ad-man would say, wait, there’s more.  However, if you are expecting bad news, you can rest easy.  No need to entirely banish soy from your diet.  Yes, it has it’s benefits.

That’s because researchers have made a connection between soy and a reduction of prostate cancer, and it is also believed that 25 grams of soy protein per day could help lower your cholesterol level.

Of course, because of its estrogenic properties where women are concerned, soy has been investigated in  the treatment of menopause and breast cancer.

So, men, that said, here’s the recommendation:  Keep your soy protein intake to less than 25 grams per day because the same phytoestrogen compounds that provide protection may also be harmful in higher quantities.

While the University of Hawaii study cannot be seen as conclusive without other confirming findings, the results must be considered worrisome, researchers say.

So, by all means, have your cake and eat it too by livin’ la vida loca.  But you may want to do so with some skepticism when it comes to ingesting an overabundance of soy.

For more on the pros and cons of soy, check out the link in the BodinSync Prescription below.




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