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Take A Bow And Improve Your Fitness

22 May

by Phillip Tomlinson

“Nice” — a small word with big implications.

I know

And I suspect you do too.

Nice is what happened to me one day as I was rushing to catch a train.  With the train approaching, I whipped out my MetroCard only to, a moment later, get that sinking feeling.

You know, that insufficient-fare-sinking-feeling?

Yup, the one that happens when you’re out of swipes and the train is about to leave the station.

Well, “nice” didn’t allow that train to leave without me.  All thanks to the teen who, without batting an eye, ushered me through with a quick swipe of his MetroCard.

Nice.  Nice all around — particularly since nice acts are not only good for the recipient but a positive for the self-image of the doer.

Yes, this was good.  So, I put my hands together and bowed in appreciation.  And that felt good.

Want a chance to embrace a feel-good moment?

Then, be nice to yourself and take more than a few bows by following the BodinSync Prescription below.




  1. Pick up a moderate-to-heavy dumbbell in one hand and stand straight in front of a weight bench.
  2. Pick one leg up — your knee forming a right angle with your body as in diagram 1.

    diagram 1

    Bend your supporting leg slightly to aid balance.

  3. Bending at the waist, simultaneously extend the leg off the ground straight behind you while placing  your free hand — for balance — on the bench.  The hand with the weight should be hanging toward the floor.  See diagram 2.

    diagram 2

  4. Maintaining your position, pull the weight up to the side of your chest, your elbow pointing toward the ceiling as in diagram 3.

    diagram 3

    Hold for a second.

  5. Lower the weight to its original position and stand back up to assume your starting position as is diagram one.  THAT’S ONE REPETITION.  Do 10 and switch to the other side for another 10.

Great for developing hip stability and upper back strength.  But, as a secondary bonus, your legs, glutes and core also enter the mix.


For a greater challenge, try balancing on the opposite leg from the hand holding the weight  or you may do the routine without using the bench for support as in diagram 4. 

diagram 4


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