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Walk On Air And Your Back And Glutes Will Love You

22 Jul

by Phillip Tomlinson

I’ve been walking on air for a long time.

Yeah, Really.

And, as you would suspect, it’s not easy.

But possible?  Entirely.

What’s your notion of walking on air?

May be you’ve just landed your dream job and you’re on cloud nine.  Of course that would definitely be a good thing.

But, hey, you can really have it all because I know you’d  also want to be firing on all cylinders when you’re up there enjoying that heady feeling.

Kinda like a buddy of mine who, arriving from a morning jog, proclaimed, “Man, I’m feeling so damn good, I’m walking on air.”

Yeah, he was firing on all cylinders.

That aside, I won’t ask you to go for a jog, even though that has its merits.

Rather, I’m  inviting you to go walking with me.  On air. 

That’s because I know you’d be interested in strengthening your lower back and glutes — two critical areas of your powerplant that could not only have you floating smoothly along but catching more than a few eyes as you do.

So, go ahead, check out the BodinSync Prescription below for a great tip to help you shore up your base and, in the process, add a dash of sex appeal.




  1. Lie belly-down on a body ball, hands on the ground as if you are about to do a push-up.  Your legs should be straight out behind you with your feet on the ground, toes pointed up toward your shins.
  2. Keeping your upper body still, lift your legs up so that they form a straight line with your torso so you end up in a diagonal with your face close to the floor.  See diagram.  In this position, you should feel a stretch in your lower back and glutes.
  3. Drop one leg toward the floor while keeping the other in position straight up behind you to maintain the diagonal.
  4. Lift the leg back from the floor to its previous position next to the other leg.
  5. Repeat with the same leg for 10 times and switch to the other leg for another 10 repetitions.

FOR A BONUS, walk your hands out away from the ball in a full push-up position — your feet balancing on the wall.  Now, do at least 10 push-ups.

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