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Play Ball And Rev Up Those Muscles

27 Mar

HandOnBall0.8by Phillip Tomlinson

Let’s play ball!

Yes, America’s national pastime has begun and that familiar refrain not only inspires the boys of summer to arms, but may just as well be a clarion call for every living thing that had tucked itself in away from the cold.

And, if you’re taking stock, it all seems to magically unfold like those first petals opening to greet that something in the air.

And by the time that first pitch is thrown on Opening Day, everything and everyone is beginning to come out to play.

Yes, it’s a time when the birds are back to sing on cue and bushy-tailed squirrels find joy atop a power line.

And because it’s time to play ball, we too can’t be more excited to shed the restrictions of winter and a lot more.

A lot more?

Sure.  You knew I‘d be going there.

That’s because there’s no better time than spring to step up to the plate and hit one outta the park by shedding those extra pounds hidden under wintry layers – unearthing that beach body that’ll have you gliding into summer.

So, since I’m thinking you’ve got game, check out the BodinSync Prescription below and, well…

Let’s play ball!




  • With your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and slightly pointing out, squat down and place your hands on top of a medicine ball as in diagram 1.
    diagram 1

    diagram 1

    Be sure your heels are touching the floor to create a firm base for an effective hip, lower back, hamstring and Achilles tendon stretch.

  • Bring your body forward directly over the ball as in diagram 2.
    diagram 2

    diagram 2

    Your hands should be firmly on top of the ball and your heels should now be up.  CAUTION: Be sure your shoulders are exactly over the ball and not too far forward or you could topple, causing serious injury.

  • Press your hands into the ball and simultaneously jump your feet back into a pushup position as in diagram 3.
    diagram 3

    diagram 3

    Be sure your feet follow their trajectory from the squat so that you land with a firm base that completes a tripod with your hands.

  • Slowly – very slowly – remove one hand from the ball and out to your side as in diagram 4.
    diagram 4

    diagram 4

    If this proves too difficult, simply remove your hand a few inches away from the ball for a few seconds and replace.  Now do the same with the other hand.

  • With both hands firmly back on the ball, jump your feet forward into the sumo squat.  THAT’S ONE REPETITION.  Try five repetitions.  You can make this routine more challenging by doing a pushup before lifting your hands from the ball and by standing up and squatting back down before starting the next repetition.  .


If the sumo squat is too difficult, squat at a manageable angle, bend over and place your hands on the ball.  Next, walk your feet out until you have assumed a pushup position and do the rest of the routine.  Of course, you will have to walk your feet in and stand up to complete one repetition.  For a bigger challenge, walk your feet back in, remove your hands from the ball and bring your torso upright into the squat before bending back over to start the next repetition.


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