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A Healthy Way To Get A Leg Up. Wow!

13 Jan

PhilLegUpSmlby Phillip Tomlinson

Sometimes a leg up is more than you expect.

And what a leg up it was!


Right there from the other side of the variety store I had gone into just to look around.

There she was with a leg up.  And I mean way up.

To put it into perspective, a-hundred-and-eighty-degrees-way-up.

Yes, and if you must know, it could be referred to as a complete split — one leg firmly planted on the ground and the other pointed way up there to the heavens.

Heavens!  What a look!

Know what I did?

I took her home.  Yup.

And, yes, that postcard with an eighty-something-year-old woman at a bus stop, her body pressed up against a light pole, one leg snaked up against it into a complete split, is still my favorite postcard never-to-be-mailed to anyone.

Now that’s a leg up!

What’s your idea of a leg up?

Need a minute to think?

Well, here’s a suggestion:

Postpone your thinking by checking out the BodinSync Prescription below and trying its version of a healthy way to get a leg up.  You may notice that it’s an even more effective take on a routine that has already been covered in this blog.




  1. Select a moderately weighted dumbbell.  Place one leg, instep-side behind you on a weight bench to assume a lunge position as in diagram 1.   The other leg should be firmly on the ground in front of you.  CAUTION:  Be sure to position your front leg at a distance that will not cause your knee to protrude past the front of your sneakers when you lower yourself into a full squat.  Place the dumbbell on the outside of  the foot on the ground (placing your free hand on the ground to assist you if need be) and re-assume the lunge position.  See diagram 1.  Check your stance for a firm base before proceeding.

    diagram 1

    diagram 1

  2. Now, lower your hips and reach across your body with the hand furthest away from the planted leg and snatch the weight as in diagram 2.

    diagram 2

    diagram 2

  3. As you raise yourself back up from the squat, use the other hand to re-enforce the one holding the weight as in diagram 3.  Simply do this by curling your fingers on top of the snatching hand.

    diagram 3

    diagram 3

  4. Continue your motion upward raising your arms over the shoulder opposite the leg on the ground.  See diagram 4.

    diagram 4

    diagram 4

  5. At the top of the arc above your shoulder, begin to descend again by lowering your hips and swinging the weight across your body — as in diagram 5 — just past your knee.  THAT’S ONE REPETITION.  Immediately begin to raise your arms and body back up to start the next repetition.  Do 10 repetitions on each side.  CAUTION:  On the squatting portion of this wood-chopping motion, be sure to reach sufficiently across your body so as not TO strike your knee.

    diagram 5

    diagram 5


You may vary the difficulty of the squatting portion of the routine by lowering your hips to a manageable height, going lower as you become stronger.  You may also vary the load by experimenting with different weights.


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