Cartier: To Your Health!

3 Jan

PhilPortraitSmlby Phillip Tomlinson


Oh, Santa Baby!

Hey, was just The Season To Be Jolly when the images can be pretty heartening.

And if you were thinking French this Holiday Season, well there’s nothing wrong with reaching for the finer things in life.

Cartier if you please or, should I say, if you could have. But, then again, may be Santa climbed down your chimney with one of these super-sparklers from Louis Francois Cartier and had you instantly feeling like a million dollars when you stepped out.Cartier copy


Anyway — before getting ahead of ourselves here — you know there’s only one thing that can really keep you feeling your best, and it’s at the top of the list of the finer things in life.

Yup, you guessed it, your health which, incidentally, could also have you feeling like a million dollars.  And since we’ve just bid adieu to the Holiday Season and you may still be dead set on Cartier, let me add another one — Cartier that is — to your list:


Jacques Cartier, another Frenchman. The one who brought an-oft-overlooked nutrition jewel to the Americas back in 1536.Cabbage1Cropped

Yes, cabbage — the other Cartier — is a-jewel-of-a-powerhouse that, according to research, can improve your health and add years to your life. Years more to enjoy those super sparklers you may have acquired.


To put things into perspective, just consider these key links to this cruciferous vegetable which has long been used as food as well as medicine:

  • It is a potent source of natural antioxidants which can help minimize oxidation, thereby limiting cell damage and inflammation.
  • It has been found to play a significant role in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Can help steel us against cardiovascular illnesses.
  • Red cabbage in particular was found to contain some 36 anthocyanins — phytonutrients that are believed to help fight various cancers. Among them, cancer of the prostate, bladder, breast and colon.

A pretty good bargain for food on the cheap which, as one story has it, was fed to laborers to keep them healthy as they built the Great Wall of China.

If you are averse to eating this nutritious vegetable, you can avail yourself of its healthful benefits by taking cabbage pills which have been shown to be effective.

May the Cartier tradition — Louis’s and Jacques’s be yours in good health for a great, many sparkling years.

In the meantime, learn more about the super family of vegetables that cabbage is a part of by clicking on the link below in the BodinSync Prescription.




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Season’s Greetings To Your Health: Go Ahead, Jump!

26 Dec

SquatHandsDownHeaderby Phillip Tomlinson

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly.

And you know how it is.

Means a lotta things:

Santa scooting down the chimney, a holly wreath over the door, a gift or two given or welcomed and, well, on and on…

May even mean rocking to the rhythm of a music machine, a la Van Halen, in the spirit of a classic that could just as well have been a Holiday anthem:

“Might as well jump.  Go ahead, jump…”  That’s the spirit!

Now, how’s that for moving your body?

Come on, you had to know that pretty soon we’d be talking movement.

And, just like the Holidays, that could mean a lotta things.

But one thing is sure:

The Holidays can bring a whole lotta excitement.  But, hey, there can be no real excitement without movement.

Wanna help supercharge the excitement?  Well, check out the BodinSync Prescription below for a quick workout routine that‘ll help you move that body with reckless abandon.

Season’s Greetings to your health.  Go ahead, jump!




  1. Assume a standing position — your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and pointing slightly out to the side as in diagram 1.

    diagram 1

    diagram 1

  2. Go into a full sumo squat with your hips below your knees while placing your palms on the ground, shoulderwidth apart, as in diagram 2.  Be sure the soles of your feet are entirely on the ground.

    diagram 2

    diagram 2

  3. Jump your feet straight out behind you, and together, to assume a pushup position as in diagram 3.

    diagram 3

    diagram 3

  4. execute a pushup as in diagram 4.

    diagram 4

    diagram 4

  5. Jump your feet back into the sumo squat position without placing your hands on the ground.  See diagram 5.  CAUTION:  Be sure, in this and the following  jumping maneuvers  to land softly — from toes to heels.

    diagram 5

    diagram 5

  6. Jump to do a 180-degree turn facing the opposite direction while holding the squat — from takeoff to landing — as in diagram 5.

    diagram 6

    diagram 6

  7. Jump 180 degrees exactly the way you traveled back into the original sumo squat position as in diagram 5.
  8. Now, stand back up into the starting position as in diagram 1.  That’s one repetition.  Do 10.


For balance, reverse the direction of your jump after five repetitions.  In other words, jump five times to your left and five times to your right.  Or it may just be that you’d rather go for the gusto and do 20 jumps — 10 to your right and 10 to your left.


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Stand Up Regularly And Avoid A Death Sentence

3 Nov

by Phillip Tomlinson

“How sweet it is…  Pins and needles, needles and pins.  It’s a happy man that grins.”

If only America’s most famous bus driver, the Honeymooners Ralph Kramden, knew that researchers, as early as 1953, discovered that people like him were on borrowed time, he may not have been cooing “how sweet it is.”

And, well, he may have been a worried rather than a grinning man.

Yes, Ralph’s considerable girth inspired some sick jokes but, in this case, that’s not what researchers were worried about.

Far from it.


Rather, what he did was the issue.  And, like Big Ralph, what you do could be a big issue — no pun intended.  So big, in fact, that it may be lethal.

Yup — a life and death issue.

Let’s put it this way:

Sit for too long like Ralphie Boy, and you are more likely to die sooner than the person who spends a lot of time on his or her feet.

Of course, you’re thinking, that’s obvious.

But, hold your horses. 


In this case, things aren’t that simple.

This, according to scientists who found that the reason for this difference in life expectancy was the action of a gene that is not at all influenced by how much you exercise but, rather, by how much you sit or stand.


And here’s the scary part:  It applies to you even if you’re ripped to the bone.

The British study first done in 1953 concluded that bus drivers were almost twice as likely to die of heart disease than conductors who were always on their feet. 

The culprit?  A gene that can cause heart disease.  And it doesn’t matter if the Ralph Kramdens of this world exercise vigorously every day after sitting behind the wheel for eight hours.  But it also doesn’t matter if you are skinnier than a rail, sit for eight hours and then work out to the limit of your endurance.

The mere act of sitting for long hours causes the gene to have an adverse effect.

Yes, lipoprotein lipase (LPL) will be at its highest level — effectively breaking down fat for use as energy, when we are standing — but will take a nose dive when we are sitting.


The cure?  Start giving up that chair through regular breaks, staying on your feet longer than you sit. 





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Lose Your Chair; Your Muscles Will Thank You For It.

27 Sep

by Phillip Tomlinson

She does it sitting down.

For well over an hour.

Reading the newspaper that is.

I know, that’s not so unusual ’cause lots of people do that.  Right?

Well, not the way she does.

You see, there’s sitting down, and then there’s really sitting down.  Without a chair, as you would expect.  And I should also tell you that she’s a mere 69 years young.

Of course, all this is relevant because I’m talking about squatting.  Like when you were a kid and hardly had much use for a chair.

So, here’s the question, now that you’re all grown up:

Can you still comfortably assume a full squat, a few inches from the ground, like a sumo wrestler, and hold it for a significant period of time as if you were 69 years young?

Good for you if you can!

But here’s the flip side:

If you can’t, like so many of us, or struggle to revisit this once-comfortable position, you are at a disadvantage.

The answer?  Work toward being a kid again when you could squat and stand up at will and in the process effect physical development that enabled you to play with reckless abandon.

While you may have left recklessness behind, I’m pretty certain that playing is still in the cards.  So, to keep playing at the highest level, check out the BodinSync Prescription below for an exercise that’ll help you reduce your limitations by shoring up your quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, hips, adductors, lower back, calves, abdominals and — as a bonus — your arms and shoulders.




  1. Select two dumbbells that you can perform curls with.  Select weights that’ll challenge, but not cause strain.
  2. Assume a standing position — your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and pointing out to the side.
  3. Place the weights on the ground, inside your feet as in diagram 1.

    diagram 1

  4. Go into a full sumo squat with your hips below your knees, the soles of your feet entirely on the ground as you grip the weights.  See diagram 2.

    diagram 2

    NOTE: If you are unable to do a full squat, use a support such as a an aerobic step adusted to the appropriate height or a very short stool as in diagram 3. 

    diagram 3

    Your aim should be to ultimately make the support lower and lower until you are able do a full squat.  CAUTION:  Be sure not to squat on or near the edge of the support, since this could cause it to topple resulting in serious injury.

  1. Using the inside of your thighs as stops, press the outside of your elbows against them, palms facing up, and curl both dumbbells up to the top of your shoulders as in diagram 4.

    diagram 4

  2. Driving with your hips and heels, stand straight up as in diagram 5.

    diagram 5

  3. Now, turning your palms in, drive them straight up above your head into a military press as in diagram 6.

    diagram 6

  4. Lower the weights back to the top of your shoulders, palms facing in.
  5. Lower yourself back into the squatting position.
  6. Lower the weights back to the ground, palms facing in.  THAT COMPLETES ONE REPETITION.  Do 10.


Pay special attention to the position of your hands.  When you curl to the top of your shoulders, your palms are facing up, but when you eventually lower the weights to the ground again your arms are facing in to do the negative half of a hammer curl.

To make the routine more challenging, take a 30-second rest and do every move, back-to-back, 10 times.  In other words, after the initial compound routine, do 10 curls from the squat position, 10 squats and, finally 10 military presses.


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Boost Your Health By Adding Some Spice To Your Life

23 Aug

by phillip tomlinson

“Keep your edge.”

No better advice from a hall of fame running back who made a habit of keeping an edge.

So much so that by the time the great Emmitt Smith said goodbye, he had not only secured three Super Bowl rings but had amassed more rushing yards than any running back in history.

Now, that’s hard to beat.  But, nevertheless, when it comes to our own body, there’s a lot we can do to keep our edge.  And, as every great athlete knows, it’s the little things that can eventually end up helping us do just that.


Looking for that edge?  How about a beach-body-to-die-for?

Yes and yes again, right? 

Well, here’s another question that gets to the heart of the matter: 

Would a jacked-up metabolism do wonders for your piece of mind?  Damn right it would. 


And since it’s the little things that can often give you that edge, how about adding a little spice to your life?  Literally.

Specifically the red-looking spice you may be overlooking.  One that is thought to inspire a metabolic increase for up to 30 minutes after consumption.

Yes, even if you are faint-of-heart, you cannot afford to overlook the benefits of cayenne pepper which is believed to not only boost metabolism, but enhance circulation and increase heart action.

Now, how’s that for a little action on the cheap?  Especially if — along with your already good exercise and eating habits — you can turn up your metabolic fire a little higher.


And if you are afraid of setting your taste buds on fire, start out by mixing small amounts into your shakes, building your tolerance by slowly increasing the amount.

Incidentally, this one little addition could turn up bigger for you in the form of a nice bonus, since the antioxidant benefit of cayenne pepper is great for combating inflammation and the army of free radicals that seek to ravage your body after a workout.





Want to make your own power tonic that can help combat the damaging action of free radicals on your cell membranes?  Do the following —

Juice a few squares of red cabbage and combine with cayenne pepper.  Cabbage contain phytonutrients that can help protect the body.


Interested in trying out some fun and functional ways to improve your physical fitness?  You’re welcome to send your E-mail to to arrange for a class at the low introductory price of $20

Be A Big Baby And Improve Your Health

26 Jul

by phillip Tomlinson

Just make your heart melt — those little people.

Babies, that is.

Ever really watched the movements of a baby?  Sure you have.  Can be pretty amusing and downright funny.

Pumping those legs, while on its back, on a sprint to nowhere; rolling across the floor, from its back to its stomach and vice versa, as if trying to put out a fire; moving its head from side to side uncontrollably because at this age babies lack impulse control.  All this, designed to build muscle for advanced locomotion and body control.

Yeah, that word “muscle.”  You had to know I was going there.

But before I go there, let me ask you this: 

Ever reminisce about being one of those little people again?  No?  Not even so you can be fed, cleaned and pampered?

Don’t miss squirreling across the floor on all fours?

May be it’ll help to be reminded that it’s muscle-building movements like these that turned you into the bipedal machine you are.

And, yes, with a bit of tweeking, some of these movements can still improve your efficiency a bunch.

So, go ahead, be a big baby.  Check out the BodinSync Prescription below and get down on all fours for an effective core exercise that can definitely help in the body control and locomotion department.




  1. Place your hands on the floor, palms first — bringing them together to form a triangle, thumb-to-thumb and forefinger-to-forefinger as in diagram 1.

    diagram 1

  2. Maintaining the placement of your hands, assume a pushup position, forming a secure base with your feet in a wide stance as in diagram 2.

    diagram 2

  3. Keeping your shoulders square and flat, move one arm slowly out to your side while balancing on the other as in diagram 3. 

    diagram 3

    Take care not to rotate your body as you perform the arm movement.  Hold the position for a second before returning your arm to its original position on the floor.

  4. On the same side as the arm you moved, pick that leg up — if you moved your right arm, pick your right leg up and bring your knee toward your right elbow as in diagram 4.

    diagram 4

      That’s one repetition.  Try for 10 on one side.  Rest for 20 seconds before switching to the other side for another 10.


If this is too challenging, you may decrease the degree of difficulty by doing the following —

  1. Simply balancing in the push-up position — using it as a kind of bridge — for repetitions of 20 to 30 seconds several times per week before attempting the leg and arm movements.
  2. Performing the arm and leg movements at less acute angles — decreasing their traveling distance.


Interested in trying out some fun and functional ways to improve your physical fitness?  You’re welcome to send your E-mail to to arrange for a class at the low introductory price of $20

The One-Two Punch: A Thing Of Beauty

25 Jun
 by Phillip Tomlinson
If you’ve seen it delivered, you’ll agree it’s a thing of beauty.
Boxing’s one-two punch combo.
Don’t think so?
Just take a visit to memory lane and check out master blaster Muhammad Ali ripping incoming opponents to shreds while feeding them leather.
Worked like a charm.
Yes, the one-two punch has its place in history.
But while this is not about eating leather I’m, nevertheless, talking destruction.
Destruction of that something that can be a royal pain the in-the-you-know-what to us all.
Yup, that’s right.  An almost immovable pain in the butt.
Now, assuming you are consistently putting in your time at the gym, you may be overlooking one nutritional, fat-shredding strategy that amounts to a helluvah one-two combo.
Chances are you may already be making use of whey protein which, with its impressive amino acid profile, is one of the most powerful fat-burning and muscle-building supplements you can include in your arsenal.
But, since this is about a one-two punch, you know there’s more.  More protein.
With its higher calcium content, casein can be a lot more beneficial in terms of total fat loss.  And with researchers finding that it’s best to have the correct balance of calcium and protein, they believe casein to be superior in maximizing fat loss.
With whey and casein, you are truly looking at an effective one-two punch.  That’s because, in addition to their fat-burning and muscle-building prowess, they provide protein when your body needs it most.  Whey, when you need quick protein — just before or after a workout.  The slow-digesting casein when you need a steady stream of protein, for example, at night when you are asleep.
So, if you haven’t yet, give this one-two combo a try as you supplement your healthy eating habits, and you’ll find it working for you to great effect.
As for casein,  it has an added bonus  — with researchers touting its ability to guard against colon cancer. 





Wanna dampen the hunger pangs you often wake up with in the morning after all that sleeping without eating?  You can preserve your toned frame by having the following before going to bed: 

  1. a casein protein shake without any carbohydrate
  2. a glass of milk
  3. whey protein with a teaspoon of canola oil, especially if you are unable to handle casein.  The canola oil will cause the protein to be released slowly, thereby spreading it over a longer period.

The whey or casein protein could be mixed with water or, say, a 4o calorie glass of almond milk.


Interested in trying out some fun and functional ways to improve your physical fitness?  You’re welcome to send your E-mail to to arrange for a class at the low introductory price of $20