For A Health Boost, One Leg Can Be Better Than Two

24 Aug


For A Health Boost, One Leg Can Be Better Than Two


by Phillip TomlinsonPhilKneeUpPartial

It was a real precious moment and, if you saw it, chances are you would have thought so too.

You see, babies have been known to be the authors of some pretty awesome moments – like the time when one little guy put forth a giant effort in accomplishing a first.

Yes, “first” would be the operative word, as in if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

Needless to say, this little guy didn’t succeed at first, but he did at last – after falling smack on his butt several times over.

But, eventually, he pulled himself up in his crib and found that he was a little stronger for it.  And guess what?

He now thought it was a good idea to stand only on one leg.  So, doing just that, he swung the other up, because may be — just may be — climbing out may not be impossible after all.

Something tells me you too may want to become adept at standing on one leg.  Heck, may even want to improve your climbing and, to that end, you may find that standing on one leg could do you a world of good.

For a balancing act that’ll give your core a workout, take a look at the Bodinsync Prescription below.




  • Bend from your waste and reach your arms straight out in front of you to hold on to a sturdy support.  As in diagram 1 — lift and bend your other leg to point your knee behind you as far back as you can so that your toes point toward the ceiling.  That’s your starting point.

    digaram 1

    digaram 1

  • Now re-position your leg by moving your knee toward your chest as in diagram 2.

    diagram 2

    diagram 2

  • When your knee is as close to your chest as possible, lift it out to the side to form a right angle with your supporting leg as in diagram 3.

    diagram 1

    diagram 1

  • Return your leg to the starting point.  That’s ONE REPETITION.   Do 10


Move from one position to the next slowly to develop a rhythm until your are able to smoothly quicken the tempo so that your knee moves freely in a circular motion.  Once that’s achieved, reverse the movement, and then switch your legs.
You can make the routine more challenging by letting go of the support and straightening your back to stand tall on one leg while performing the movement with the other.

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