Season’s Greetings To Your Health: Go Ahead, Jump!

26 Dec

SquatHandsDownHeaderby Phillip Tomlinson

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly.

And you know how it is.

Means a lotta things:

Santa scooting down the chimney, a holly wreath over the door, a gift or two given or welcomed and, well, on and on…

May even mean rocking to the rhythm of a music machine, a la Van Halen, in the spirit of a classic that could just as well have been a Holiday anthem:

“Might as well jump.  Go ahead, jump…”  That’s the spirit!

Now, how’s that for moving your body?

Come on, you had to know that pretty soon we’d be talking movement.

And, just like the Holidays, that could mean a lotta things.

But one thing is sure:

The Holidays can bring a whole lotta excitement.  But, hey, there can be no real excitement without movement.

Wanna help supercharge the excitement?  Well, check out the BodinSync Prescription below for a quick workout routine that‘ll help you move that body with reckless abandon.

Season’s Greetings to your health.  Go ahead, jump!




  1. Assume a standing position — your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and pointing slightly out to the side as in diagram 1.

    diagram 1

    diagram 1

  2. Go into a full sumo squat with your hips below your knees while placing your palms on the ground, shoulderwidth apart, as in diagram 2.  Be sure the soles of your feet are entirely on the ground.

    diagram 2

    diagram 2

  3. Jump your feet straight out behind you, and together, to assume a pushup position as in diagram 3.

    diagram 3

    diagram 3

  4. execute a pushup as in diagram 4.

    diagram 4

    diagram 4

  5. Jump your feet back into the sumo squat position without placing your hands on the ground.  See diagram 5.  CAUTION:  Be sure, in this and the following  jumping maneuvers  to land softly — from toes to heels.

    diagram 5

    diagram 5

  6. Jump to do a 180-degree turn facing the opposite direction while holding the squat — from takeoff to landing — as in diagram 5.

    diagram 6

    diagram 6

  7. Jump 180 degrees exactly the way you traveled back into the original sumo squat position as in diagram 5.
  8. Now, stand back up into the starting position as in diagram 1.  That’s one repetition.  Do 10.


For balance, reverse the direction of your jump after five repetitions.  In other words, jump five times to your left and five times to your right.  Or it may just be that you’d rather go for the gusto and do 20 jumps — 10 to your right and 10 to your left.


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