Just Call It A Healthy Way To Keep Your Balance

24 Jan

by Phillip Tomlinson

Yo, dog!

It was a balancing act worthy of — well — a circus.

On a wire, no less.  Well, a chain to be exact.

You could call it dog on a wire. 

Yes, a dog doing — ehem — an everyday thing, standing on a chain, suspended in mid-air, in response to its owner’s command.

Then as if to further prove a point, it raised one front paw, then the next and — voila — it was now balancing only on its hind legs. 

Yo, dog!

Just an everyday kinda thing captured on the street by a cell phone user.

Are you ready for your big moment?

Considering your big moment could be anytime, I suspect you’d want those everyday kinda activities to really become second nature.  So, to help make it all just another day at the office, I invite you to try out the balancing act in the Bodinsync Prescription below.




  1. Stand in a staggered stance with a dumbbell just outside the foot positioned in front.  See diagram 1.  Begin with a relatively light dumbbell, switching to a different load, if need be, after you have completed a trial repetition.

  • Stoop down, as in diagram 2, to grasp the weight — palm facing in.

    diagram 2

  • Maintaining the staggered stance, begin slowly standing up as in diagram 3.

    diagram 3

    Just past the midway point, pick up your back leg — bending it so that you are able to hold your foot with the corresponding hand as in diagram 4.

    diagram 4

  • Stand straight up to support yourself with one leg as in diagram 5.  CAUTION:  Be sure to steady your balance before proceeding.

    diagram 5

  • With your palm still facing in and your arm straight — slowly raise the dumbbell to shoulder level as in diagram 6.  Hold for a second.

    diagram 6

  • Lower the weight, returning it back to your side.  See diagram 5.
  • Bend your supporting leg to begin lowering yourself back to the stooping position, releasing your bent leg at just about the midway position.
  • Lower yourself back into a stoop with both legs now making contact with the ground.  See diagram 2.
  • Place the weight on the ground and stand back up to to re-assume the staggered-stance starting position (diagram 1).  THAT’S ONE REPETITION.  Do 10.  Place the weight on the opposite side and do another 10 repetitions.
  • TIP:

    • For a greater degree of difficulty, use a heavier weight and try picking up and releasing your back leg closer to the ground.
    • For a more intense quad and hip flexor stretch while you are standing (diagram 7), try lining up the knee that’s bent with the knee of your supporting leg.


    The above is an excerpt from a full-body, multi-joint routine.  If you are interested in trying out some fun and functional ways to improve your physical fitness, you’re welcome to send your E-mail to kerolinson@gmail.com to arrange for a class at the low introductory price of $20


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