Invest In A Little Green; You’ll Be A Healthier Kid For It

26 Jun

by Phillip Tomlinson

Being a kid at heart can be a good thing.

Full of energy.  playful.  Happy-go-lucky.  Funny.  Youthful outlook…

Not bad.

But adding a little green to the mix could make a good thing better.

Could be life-changing and, along with that, a heck of a confidence booster.

And who among us — kids or otherwise — wouldn’t relish a boost of that sort.

Of course the green stuff I’m talking about has nothing to do with those Ulysses Grants, Ben Frenklins or even those William McKinley 500s — even though they can be pretty good to spend on a lotta things.

I’m referring to the green — or should I say greens — we avoided like the plague when we were kids.  The broccoli or spinach we’d toss under the table when mom wasn’t looking.

That’s right; kids’ll be kids.

But here’s the real problem:  For a lot of us, when it comes to those greens, we may no longer be tossing them under the table or elsewhere, but we’re still kids.  That’s because we’re still steering clear of those powerful greens like the plague.  In fact they never even make it to our plate.

And, of course, while mom can no longer force us to eat our greens, she surely knew what she was talking about.

And in case you missed it then, I’ll tell you this:  If vegetables are still not your thing, at least make a habit of eating the ones that are the gold standard for healthy living and, at that, some big-time gut busting.

Yes, if you are interested in winning the battle against abdominal fat, veggie fat-burners should be a part of your diet.

According to research, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, etc., contain phytonutrients such as indole -3-carbinol that specifically help to fight against estrogenic compounds that can cause belly fat.

These are especially effective weapons against the daily exposure to pesticides, herbicides and petrochemicals from air and water pollution, household cleaners, cosmetics, etc., that can react with our body, causing it to store excess abdominal fat.

To find out more about the benefits of cruciferous vegetables in overall health, check out the link in the BodinSync Prescription below.




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