Get Up! Stand Up! A Big Health Plus On The Job

3 Jun

by Phillip Tomlinson

Get Up, Stand Up…”

Bob — Marley that is — had it right.

“Stand up for your right.”

Yes, on the job or anywhere else where you may be glued to a chair for long hours.

That’s because it could be the difference-maker in keeping you healthy.

Chances are you’ve heard the pulsating beat of Marley’s international classic and have been moved to shake a leg and, in the process, burn some calories.

If you have, to this or any other catchy rhythms, then standing up on the job should be a cinch.

You see, the last thing you should want to do is to sit down on the job.  Constantly.  This, according to University of Missouri researchers.

And while you may be a little embarrassed to dance up a storm on your way to the water cooler or restroom, you may want to take Bob’s words to heart and stand up for your right — in this case, your right to burn calories.

As it turns out, researchers have found that sitting or standing at work could play a big role in your health or waistline.

And since our waistline can be a big source of worry, here’s the skinny on what researchers have found:

Inactivity for more than four hours per day can interfere with an enzyme that controls fat and cholesterol metabolism.

The result?

You’ll store more fat rather than using it for energy throughout the day.

The simple prescription to keep this enzyme active and increase fat burning?

Break up long periods of downtime by standing up — for example, while talking on the phone.

Yup.  Who would have thought that burning a little fat could be that simple?

Of course, as you know, putting in a little more effort on the job could be a good thing.  So, if you are interested in learning how while, at the same time, doing a little something for your waistline, then check out the BodinSync Prescription below to see what you could do to keep this all-important enzyme active.




  1. From a seated position, cross your right leg over your left as in diagram 1.  Be sure there is a comfortable distance between your chair and anything else — a desk for example.  (Ladies, you may want to remove your stilettos for this one)

    diagram 1

  2. With the palm of your right hand, gently press the inside of your right knee downward for a hip and lower-back stretch while applying pressure to  the underside of your right ankle with your left hand. Your effort will depend on your level of flexibility.  If you are fairly flexible, increase the level of difficulty by leaning forward to bring your chest toward your knee.
  3. Untangle your right leg and return to a near perfectly-seated position — back straight — but with your right leg straight, pointing in front of you as in diagram 2.

    diagram 2

    Your hands should rest on the edges of your seat.

  4. Now, with the slight support of your hands, power yourself to a standing position only on your left leg.
  5. Sit down only using your left leg — starting again from the beginning by crossing your right leg over your left.  Do 10 repetitions on the same side before taking a breather and switching to the opposite.

TIP:  When standing becomes easy, remove your hands from the edges of the chair and, using them for balance, raise them in front of you — as in diagram 3 — as you get up.

diagram 3

NOTE:  If you are interested in trying out some fun and functional ways to improve your physical fitness, you’re welcome to send your E-mail to to arrange for a class at the low introductory price of $20.

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