Where Tasting The Love Isn’t So Sweet

15 Jan

by Phillip Tomlinson

Well, sometimes you can make a false move  just by reveling in the moment.  Soaking up the attention.  Smiling for the cameras.

‘Cause, after all, they’re all pointed at you — you being the guy or gal of the moment.

Intoxicating.  Addicting.

It all smells good.

You can taste the love.  Or so you think.

So, you Smile a little more and enjoy.

And then:  


Creamed!  Pie in the face!

Well, that’s about all that cream is good for anyway.  Well, not if, of  course, you are the recipient of one of those darn pies in the face. 

Just ask man-0f-the-hour Bill Gates when he got creamed — in the face, no less — with one of those things as he mugged for the cameras some years back.

Turns out that’s hardly much of an inconvenience compared to what can happen to you if you are wolfing down certain inglorious treats sold in convenience stores.

The bottom line is that you can really be creamed.  And it’ll amount to more than a pie in the face.

You may smile and enjoy but, according to a study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, it could turn out to be no laughing matter, with disaster but a hair’s breath away.

Definitely no pie in the sky here.

That’s because, if you are indulging in those cream-filled snackaroos — study authors want you to know that phosphorous compound additives found in junk foods like Twinkies may significantly raise your risk of cardiac and kidney disease.   And, well, tasting the love could turn out to be not so sweet anymore.

What to look for?

If you scan an ingredient list, the main culprits would likely be the ones you’ve probably glossed over in the past, unless you have a chemistry degree.  The ones with names like disodium phosphate, sodium alumininium phosphate and monocalcium phosphate — a pretty mean troika with an eye on destruction.

So, better be forewarned than harmed. 

Now, suddenly, a pie in the face may not be so bad afterall.

For more on the dangers of  preservatives and additives see exerpt from the book North American Diet in the BodinSync Prescription below:





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