A Waste Product That Can Have You Hitting Bullseye

4 Sep

By Phillip Tomlinson

It would be at the top of your list if you were going into war.  No doubt about it.  Assuming, of course, that your number one priority would be to obliterate the enemy.

Yes, to hit bullseye you’d want a damn good weapon.

Then you would need to know your weapon inside-out.  Know what it can do.  The kind of familiarity that spells peace-of-mind because you know with your trusty sidekick your worry begins to come down some.

That’s when you’ve got things covered — always confident that you’ll have the other guy in your sights.

Well, we’re not really talking guns and ammo here but, nevertheless, still a kind of warfare.  But, while you may not be throwing on the fatigues in the truest sense, I know you have an enemy or two to dispatch. 


Because we all do.

You see, that’s the deal when it comes to maintaining and improving our health.

And I know you will agree that in the back-and-forth battle of wills in the quest to look and feel our best we need some pretty effective weapons.

But whether you are a weekend warrior, simply health-minded or you fall into that group that’s physically unconscious, you could always use another weapon.

So, if the one I’m about to tell you about isn’t yet in your arsenal you’ll need to give it every consideration.

Simply put,  if you are serious about doing battle with those wayward calories, toning up and boosting your immune system then whey is the way.

Yes, whey protein.

 One of nature’s premium muscle-builders, whey is a waste-product of cheese-making.

But that’s where the negative connotation stops, because this derivative of milk protein is the highest yield of protein currently available. 

The buzzword of the bodybuilding and strength-training world, whey is not only the single most important nutrient for high-performance athletes but a must for anyone who values the role of an effective diet in helping to maintain and improve health.

But before you start thinking “whey protein powder,” you need to think “cheese,” especially if you are looking to add an effective weapon to your arsenal.

That’s because that waste product of cheese-making is what food processors use to make ricotta cheese which beats out the hard cheeses for fat content and overall health benefits and even has some big advantages over cottage cheese — the usual dieters choice.

Beyond its spectacular whey protein properties, this cheese is definitely no slouch.  Containing some 130 milligrams of calcium per quarter cup, it’s a standout when it comes to bone nutrition. 

There’s more.

It is not only an excellent source of zinc which helps to improve immune function, but also of selenium which, according to researchers, could be our most potent ally against cancer.

Lucky for us this waste product never made it to the garbage dump, since it’s one we should definitely not do without.

For valuable information on the benefits of a whey protein and ricotta cheese, check out the links in the BodinSync Prescription below.






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