Get Back To Being A Kid And Do This!

28 Aug

by Phillip Tomlinson


That’s kinda how it became a habit. 

No, I’m not talking flight from a terrorist attack, natural disaster or, for that matter, any flight at all.

You see things have a way of starting somewhere.  Just like the habit I’m about to tell you about.

In fact, very young kids in every culture are champions of this habit, as long as they are able to balance on their feet.  And it’s just as nature intended.

If you’ve really been paying attention, you know I’m talking about squatting.  Yes, squatting.

And what exactly does this have to do with evacuation?  In response, I’ll simply say this:  Thank heavens for that wonderful invention the diaper!

Know what I mean? 

Sure you do, because you don’t even have to be paying attention to know that kids of a certain age just love squatting to evacuate themselves — unloading right into that diaper.  What a relief!

And that’s how we  adults looked for relief too when we did our business way-back-when — having perfected nature’s prescription from about the age of two-and-a-half onwards. 

Yes, by squatting to perform bodily functions, our ancestors were able to arguably avoid a host of serious ailments until the middle of the nineteenth century when “the throne-like water closet was invented” in favor of the squat toilet.

Of course, the squat toilet has all but disappeared, even in Asia where it had, for long, remained the norm.

And disappearing right along with it, concluded some notable health experts, was a good part of our health once we no longer had to squat. 

Don’t believe me? 

How about trying on this little test for size:  Can you squat like that kid in the above picture without feeling some discomfort? 

If you passed that test, I’m sure you know at least one person who would have a hard time doing that without toppling over backwards because of tight hamstrings and lower back muscles, and legs that no longer support what had always been a natural posture.

Well, while the squat toilet won’t be making a comeback, we can definitely do a lot to reclaim lost glory in the squat department.


Yea, you guessed it.  By squatting.

And, no, I’m not talking about going to the bushes the way our ancestors did.

I’m talking exercise,  minus evacuation of course.  A  routine that’ll work all major muscle groups, burn calories, increase lower body flexibility, strengthen your core, and increase heart and lung power.

Sounds like a bargain?

Thought you’d agree.

So, since you can’t wait to get back to the good, old days, check out the no-nonsense squat routine in the BodinSync Prescription below: 





Goblet Squat


Diagram 1

  1. With both hands, hold a dumbbell vertically in front of your chest as if it were a heavy goblet, as in diagram 1.
  2. Position your feet shoulder-width apart. 
  3. Start the movement by pushing your hips backward.
  4. Do our ancestors proud by lowering your body slowly, to a count of about three to four seconds, until you are in the deepest squatting position you can muster.  See diagram 2.  Keep your torso as upright as possible during the entire movement.
  5. Pause to eliminate momentum and drive yourself back up to the starting position.  THAT COMPLETES ONE REPETITION.  Do 1o. 

    Diagram 2


NOTE:  If you are interested in trying out some fun and functional ways to improve your physical fitness, you’re welcome to send your E-mail to to arrange for a class at the low introductory price of $30.




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