How Sweet It Is!

21 Aug

by Phillip Tomlinson

How Sweet it is! 

The four words immortalized by one of America’s larger-than-life funny men. 

 He was large alright.  So, much so that his television wife not only once called him “tubby” but reveled in poking fun of his girth whenever he got under her skin which, of course, was often.

No, siree,  Jackie Gleason’s alter ego Ralph Kramdem just couldn’t avoid stepping in it — all the way up to his nose — when it came to his wife Alice, as in this instance:

“You’re the type,” Ralph bellowed, “who would bend over and pick up a pocketbook on April Fool’s Day.  I wouldn’t.”

“You couldn’t,” shot back Alice.

It seems Ralph could just never catch a break, not even from his best buddy and neighbor Ed Norton.

“I promise you, Norton, I’m gonna learn to swallow my pride,” Ralph once confided.

“That ought not to be too hard,” said Norton matter-of-factly.  “You’ve learned how to swallow everything else.”

This piece of comedy brought the house down.  Every time.

But laughs aside, in general, we have a habit of  swallowing indiscriminately.  No laughing matter.

And, needless to say, that’s no way to go looking for that body-to-die for.

Yeh, I know.  Old habits die hard.

No need to start looking at the top of that steep staircase and then groaning about how you’re going to get there.  Just take it a step at a time.

Kinda like — and I dare say — how an ant eats an elephant.  A bite at a time. 

Well, you have to start somewhere, and since you’re going to, how about starting to pay attention to a food that’s been referred to by one renowned health expert as “a perfect 10?’

So, if you had to pick a real powerfood, this would be a good place to start, especially if you are trying to keep off the pounds and keep your plumbing system free of the gook that can sabotage your ticker.

Yes, there is a reason why that Quaker guy is smiling because, while oatmeal is relatively cheap, it packs a big-time wallop and should definitely be one of your major weapons as you try to carve out that high-performance body.


The oatmobile has a real toughie riding shotgun.

That would be the fiber guy who packs a kind of magic bullet ready for the first sign of trouble.  Now, that’s really good considering that doctors recommend we get between 25 and 35 grams of fiber per day, with most of us getting half that.

You see, oatmeal contains soluble fiber that is a magnet for fluid, and hangs around in your stomach longer than insoluble fibers like vegetables.  The rub is that soluble fiber is thought to reduce cholesterol by binding with digestive acids made from it and expelling them from the body.

The nifty part is that when this happens, your liver raids your blood for cholesterol to make more digestive acids thereby causing your cholesterol level to take a nosedive.  

Here’s how David Zinczenko puts it in his best-selling Eat Right Every Time Guide:  “Fiber is like a bouncer for your body, kicking out troublemakers and showing them the door.  Fiber protects you from heart disease and it also protects you from colon cancer by sweeping carcinogens out of the intestines quickly.”

And you can also add this:  Eating fiber can substantially lower your risk for diabetes — a pretty good bonus when you consider that studies have shown a dramatically increased  incidence of diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes in the United States.

Turns out those “tubby” Ralph Kramden one-liners, while good for a laugh, were in the end hardly a laughing matter because, by the time America’s beloved Jackie Gleason took his final curtain call, he had been stricken with diabetes. 

So, start somewhere.  Reach for that “perfect 1o,” and it may have you doing a lot better and crowing with delight:  “How sweet it is!”




Eat more oatmeal and the bonuses may really keep adding up.  Preliminary research has indicated that oatmeal could raise the level of free testosterone in our body, thereby not only boosting the ability to build muscle and burn fat, but also boosting DRIVE of a certain kind.  Yes, sex drive!  So, men, load up!  Women, encourage ’em!

 NOTE:  If you are interested in trying out some fun and functional ways to improve your physical fitness, you’re welcome to send your E-mail to to arrange for a free trial class.


2 Responses to “How Sweet It Is!”

  1. Ev Koai"Ku August 22, 2010 at 7:50 pm #

    Greetings, this is an amazing article for oatmeal is an amazing natural remedy for many internal as well as external healing needs for the body.
    As a non meat eater people often question me as to how I maintain a well~built muscle tone without the meat intake.

    Some people do not know that as my Indigenous Taino grandmothers have thought me, we need to feed the body and skin, certain foods will even lift our spirits, guaranteed. One of our secrets to having beautiful skin, hair, teeth and a hott bod…is the Oatmeal intake and related fiber rich meals that maintain the overall digestive system, helping us glow with amazing sexyness.

    Thank you for this healthy reminder and contribution to the health of our communities. I have just arrived from Our Indigenous Peace & Dignity run, Boriken 2010, and I assure you that my morning oatmeal breakfast sustained and provided me with the right start for a very demanding and powerful challengue placed on my body and spirit. I remain humble and in deep gratitude for the overall experience and teachings received. I delight in hearing you sharing this great power house~healing foods for the people to raise healthy consciousness and to be inspired to live longer, healthier lives. My congratulations and best wishes to you Sensei Tom.

    Ev Koai”Ku, Peace & Dignity Runner
    Life skills Coach
    Martial Arts/Zumba Dance Fitness Instructor

    • Phillip Tomlinson August 22, 2010 at 9:06 pm #

      Hi Ev:

      Thank you for your continued support. You got that right. Oatmeal is a powerhouse alright. It definitely has been for me and that’s why I wanted to sing it’s praises here, especially since I know it can be of great help to so many. It is one of my power foods and I prepare it the regular way as a porridge as well as have it everyday in some of my shakes. A pretty cheap way to live longer, wouldn’t you say?

      Continued health. Phillip

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