Dogged Devotion Seven Days A Week

12 Jul

by Phillip Tomlinson

Pick any day and the story would be the same.  All week. 

I should know because it’s a story I’ve re-lived time and again whenever I am on or around East 61st Street in Manhattan — especially at the end of the day.  You could even say it’s routine. 

But it’s hardly mundane, since there’s nothing mundane about devotion.  The kind of devotion that catches the eyes of just about every passerby who walks by this unusual scene.  If it were a reality show it would most surely be called “A Woman And Her Dog.”

Of Course, there’s nothing unusual about a woman walking her dog, because walking your dog simply becomes a routine — well, much like eating your breakfast.  No big deal.  Unless it turns into a multi-hour affair.

And whadduyah know? 

Yep, it’s a multi-hour affair every time this woman and her dog set foot outside their door.

And here’s where that reality show would be revised to “A woman And Her Narcoleptic Dog.”

Stealth-like sleep attacks.  No joke. 

Everyday, seven days a week, this giant, shaggy, white dog keels over just about anywhere.  Drops like it’s been shot, while it’s owner stands — leash in hand — waiting with unfailing devotion until Mother Nature calls a halt to the poor animal’s cruel-joke-of- a-slumber, sometimes an hour or two later.

How about some loving devotion?

Think you’ve got it in you?

And I’m talking more than breakfast here.  More than routine.  I’m really talking about a multi-hour affair.  And it’s all about loving devotion to yourself.  And, guess what?  You’re holding your own leash when it comes to that.  What exactly?

Eating.  Yes, eating. 

And you’re not allowed to fall asleep on this one. 

Here’s the deal:  If you want to prime your body to be a fat-burning machine, you’ll need to devote some time to eating.  Make it a multi-hour affair.  Seven days a week.  No, this is not a typo.  Yes, that’s exactly what I said.  And no, that’s not what I mean if you think I’m suggesting you stuff yourself silly.

In short, you must devote yourself to — six times a day, seven days a week — making sure you are well fed.  But also know this:  If you are wedded to eating three square meals a day you will eventually become round. 

Conversely, if you’re on a starvation diet, that’s no way to get that killer body that’s been eluding you.  That’s because science has established that most calorie-restrictive diets cause your body to work against you, conspiring to store fat like you are a black bear hibernating in winter.  What’s more, this will also rob your body of precious lean mass.  Yes, you will most certainly lose muscle and, at some point, that muscle will be replaced by — you got that right — fat.  A vicious cycle.  And — I should add — circle, because it’s at this point that you are sure to become round.

 And if you’ve been following the BodinSync blog, you know that muscle is fat’s kryptonite because for every pound of muscle you gain, you burn some 50 calories per day. 

Here’s the whole picture in a nutshell:  When you shovel truckloads of calories into your body by eating three square meals, there are large gaps of time when it’s operating without fuel and, as a defense mechanism, will suddenly start storing fat.

The solution?

Break those three meals up into six.  This will stoke your furnace and cause your body to burn calories pretty much all the time.

Why?  Every time your body digests food, you burn calories. 

So, with dogged devotion, work on turning your body into a fat-burning machine and you’ll not only look better, but feel better.  And another bonus?  

You’ll be sure to catch a lot of eyes.  

For guidelines on eating to cut flab and on how you may come out on top in the battle of the bulge, visit the BodinSync archive and read ” Delicious! Savor Butter Without Guilt.”    Also click on the following link:

See the BodinSync Prescription below for what an ideal eating schedule would look like.




8 a.m.:  Breakfast; 11 a.m.: Snack; 1 p.m.: Lunch; 4 p.m.: Snack; 6 p.m.: Dinner; 8 p.m.: Snack.  Your own daily schedule may call for a different timeline.  The important thing is that you structure your meals in this way — roughly two hours apart.


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