Ignore Those Tires And You May Get A Real Bumpy Ride

22 Jun

by Phillip Tomlinson

A bumpy Ride?

Actually that may be putting it mildly.  In fact, a blowout could really topple you.  Make no mistake, terra firma could become a slippery slope if your attention to detail is casual or nonexistent.

And sometimes that slippery slope sticks out like a sore thumb just begging to be noticed. 

One of those sore-thumb instances stared me in the face about a couple of months ago while I was at a gas station.  I noticed a jeep nearby.  That, of course, was hardly the sore thumb.  On the contrary, it was a beautiful machine.  Shiny black.

It didn’t take me long, as a I admired it, to discover the sore thumb.  Well, actually the sore thumbs.   Four of them to be exact.  I couldn’t help but wonder why such a beauty was sitting on bald tires.  That’s right — a hazard in every sense of the word.

So, how about your prized machine?  Is it riding on tires that are a hazard?

Come on!  Be real!  I’m not talking about those tires!  I’m talking sneakers.

So, really, how are those sneakers you’ve been wearing?  

For starters, if you’ve been putting the mileage on them for more than six months, you may already be riding on a slippery slope because they definitely will no longer be up to the task of providing proper support.

But, before you make the trip to buy your next pair, you need to — if you’ve never done so — take some time to consider the rules of the road.

Most important is that you buy quality sneakers that are designed for the activity in which you are involved, otherwise you are asking for trouble.

Real trouble. 

That’s because sneakers are designed with support that facilitate different motions — jumping, lateral movements, etc.  Ignore this and you are putting your most prized machine — your body — in peril because if your feet are in trouble, your knees, hips and back may follow.

Now, that could be quite a blowout!

But here’s some food for thought:   If you run as well as play tennis, you would need two different types of footwear — one that supports the forward motion of running and the other that provides the cushioning and stability for the lateral and stop-and-start motion of tennis. 

If you are one of those weight and cardiomeisters, a basic model should suffice for both activities — according to most experts. 

But before you make a decision, the experts would like you to consider how your mean machine sits on the road — whether your feet overpronate or underpronate when they hit the ground.  Specifically, pronation refers to the normal inward rolling of the feet to provide natural cushioning as we walk.  Overpronation – – when the feet roll too much inward — can cause ankle and knee problems which in turn could lead to back pain.  Of course, if the feet aren’t rolling in enough, they are underpronating.

How do you determine which way your ride is leaning?

According to the folks at homeexercisecoach.com, when your shoes wear on the inner side of the heels you are overpronating while compression on the outer side signals underpronation.  For overpronation, they advise, look for sneakers that have a “dual density” material under the inner heal or a plastic or rubber insert called a medial post.  On the other hand, they point out, the solution for underpronation would be to buy sneakers called “cushioning shoes.”

Because, of course, in this case, what you don’t know could really hurt you, check out the following for more on how you can roll in great comfort and stability:




 http://www.acefitness.org/fitfacts/fitfacts_display.aspx?itemid=13  and homeexercisecoach.com 


NOTE:  For information on how to try a free BodinSync Power Workout send your E-mail to nattydregs@aol.com





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