Get Your Total And The Body That Goes With It

15 Jun

By Phillip Tomlinson

Not so fast. 

 Hold off on the trip to your local supermarket in search of that box of Total, though I’d be the last to discourage you from stocking up on whole grain cereals of all sorts. 

I’m talking a different kind of total.

But that depends on how badly you want to build a body that’s not only functional but is a head-turner when you’re wearing next to nothing on the beach.

While that last thought could be a pretty picture, the truth is functionality is a big deal — especially since we call on our body to do more than a few things on a day-to-day basis.

The operative phrase is “more than a few things.”

And I’m sure, if you had to choose, you’d go with “more” instead of “few.”  That’s when “more” makes you automatic — without skipping a beat.  In the case of functionality, you need to become a “more” kind of gal or guy like the fellow I am about to tell you about.

I saw him one day as he was getting out of his car.  Turns out he was definitely a “more” kind of guy.  What he did was as automatic as walking and, I might add, pretty impressive.

Wanting to peek under his car to do some troubleshooting, he placed two pieces of tissue on the ground, positioned his hands on them and assumed a pushup position, lowering himself to within a few inches from the asphalt.  He had to keep those pretty dapper pants and shirt spotless, so he simply hung out a few inches from the ground just matter-of-factly looking for the problem under his ride. 

That wasn’t all.

The more he looked — and he really looked for a little while — the more impressive his little feat became.

Then satisfied, he pushed up on his arms, retracted his knees up to his chest and popped up back on his feet.

Functionality on display?  Well, you be the judge.

Brings me to the next question:  What’s the best way for you to experience the “more” effect?

The short answer is you’ll be much better served by working your muscles with exercises that simulate the way your body works.  In short, multiple joint exercises.  Here’s the lowdown, you cannot bend down to pick up a pencil — there goes that pencil again — without triggering a bunch of muscles.  In short, you cannot separate anything.

That means for those of us who think we can separate one muscle group by working it today, then a another muscle group by working it tomorrow, and so on, we are attempting the impossible.  In other words, when you roll out of bed each day, your body doesn’t decide to utilize the muscles in your legs independent of other muscles in your body.   So, why not concentrate on making your body a well oiled machine whose integrated parts fully complement each other?

The key?

Total body workouts  using multijoint exercises where possible.  Do this, at a minimum, three times a week and you’ll find that getting your total this way can make things a helluvah lot easier as you jog down to your local supermarket to stock up on that other ‘Total.

With this in mind, here’s a BodinSync prescription for a great multijoint exercise:




  1.  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Bend your knees as if you are about to stoop, while placing your palms on the ground under your shoulders.
  3. Jump your feet out behind you into a push-up position.
  4. Pick one leg up by pulling your knee up to your chest.  You should now only have one leg on the ground.
  5. Do a pushup while straightening the leg off the ground right behind you.  If the pushup is too difficult bend your arms slightly for a partial pushup.
  6. Place the leg back on the ground, while picking up the other leg and pulling your knee to your chest.
  7. Lower yourself to do another pushup while straightening that leg out behind you.
  8. Place that leg back on the ground.  Still in a pushup position, both legs should now be on the ground.
  9. Jump both legs back in toward your chest.
  10. Remove your hands from the ground while rocking back on your heels, so that your feet are now firmly planted.
  11. From that squat position, jump straight up as high as you can in the air, landing back softly on the ground.  If this is too difficult, simply power yourself back to your feet by standing up.  THAT’S ONE REPITITION.
  12. Start over by stooping down again and placing your hands on the ground.

NOTE:  This can be made more challenging by holding a dumbel in each hand for the entire routine, including while doing the pushups.


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