Go Ahead, Burn Calories Being A Couch Potato!

10 Jun

by Phillip Tomlinson

Bullseye.  A big, fat bullseye. 

And, we take aim —  in the millions —  with pleasure because it’s either us or them and, frankly, we prefer if it’s them.  Why shouldn’t we when we are quite aware of the consequences? 



That’s right, those calories can pile up and some pretty good weight right along with them.  That’s why we like going to war on them, locking us in a back-and-forth battle of nerves and wits.  But the truth is they can be downright overpowering — so much so that we sometimes all but throw our hands up in the air, raise the white flag and resign ourselves to fate.   

Then either good sense, frustration, anger or some other thing take hold of us and we suit up ready to do battle again.

May be it’s the beach weather, the college reunion, a wedding, who knows…  So, you begin to see red.  You put those damn calories on notice.  Issue a fatwa.  Those little turds are about to bite the dust.  They’ll get trampled. 

So, you take to the gym to join the treadmill battalion, trampling for hours-on-end in a full frontal assault.


Only thing is your assault may be misguided.  A misguided missile.  Especially if you really want to hit those calories where it really hurts.


Let’s put it this way:  If the enemy has you really pinned down in the trenches, would you reach for your side arm or some heavy artillery?

That’s exactly what I thought — you’d reach for the latter. 

Of course, you could do some damage with your side arm, but you’re not just looking to do some damage. 

Obliteration is what comes to mind.

And if that’s what you’re thinking, you need a bazooka.  The real deal.

But as you plan your assault, be aware that aerobic exercise — while it definitely has its merits — is a distant second when it comes to burning calories.  That’s because nothing-but-nothing outdoes the effect weight training can provide.


“What’s great about weight training,” New York Times bestselling health and fitness author David Zinczenko reminds us, “is that it burns fat in three ways.  First, there are the calories you burn off breaking a sweat.  Second, there is the fact that new muscle eats up calories, making your body more efficient at burning fat.  And third, there is the ‘afterburn’ — the additional calories burned off in the hours immediately following your workout.”

This last category is where weight training — by far —  really outpaces any other activity by doing a real number on those dirty, rotten bastards called calories.

Here’s the lowdown:  According to researchers, the calorie burn from aerobics lasts some 30 minutes after your workout, while lasting for 48 hours after training with weights.


Yup, that’s right.  No typo here.  Two days of burning calories just hanging out being a couch potato.  Simply being you.

Here’s the magic as validated by science:  While we burn calories in three ways —  by digesting the food we eat, through exercise, and simply being at rest, incredibly it is in this last way — when we are at rest — that we burn the most calories.  But we fry even more of those bastards when we build new muscle. 

So, it boils down to the very pleasing effect that for every pound of muscle you build your body burns an additional 5o calories per day.

Your new refrain?

 The more I build, the more I burn.

And, just think, the burning happens mostly while you’re sitting down simply being you.

What a bargain!




 The best way to hit bullseye hanging out being you.




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