Delicious! Savor Butter Without Guilt.

28 May

by Phillip Tomlinson

You’ve got that right! But, wait, you say, experts advise to stay away from fat — especially that of the buttery kind — if you want to be victorious in the battle of the bulge.  Think again, because, the experts who shout this from the mountaintop with such conviction are not always the ones in the know.

Interested in the truth? Then ask Jeff Volek and Adam Campbell, authors of the critically acclaimed TNT Diet, and they’ll be quick to remind that butter “is a natural fat that men and women have eaten for thousands of years — yet heart disease didn’t appear until the 20th century.”  There is a direct relationship, they point out, with the increase in heart disease and that of the introduction of more sugar and refined grains in our daily diets.

In fact, fat has been hit with such a bad rap over the years that it has all but become the neglected son displaced by its non- and low-fat cousins.  This, despite the fact that fat, like that in butter, is absolutely necessary if we are to maintain optimum health.

Ever heard that you need fat to burn fat? Well, that’s no bull. In fact, the folks at Men’sHealth, one of America’s premier health and fitness authorities, put it this way: “Eating more Saturated Fat Lowers the Risk for Heart Disease.”

Outrageous? Hardly. Here‘s the rub:

If you want to tone up, get ripped, have the high-performance body of an athlete or simply shed some pounds, fat will become one of your most potent weapons. So, keep this knowledge holstered close your heart because, incidentally, it can keep your ticker running longer.

But the skinny on just how this works can be summed up in one word: WHEN. That is, knowing when exactly to eat butter and other fats. But make no mistake — FAT CAN BE YOUR MAGIC BULLET.

In a nutshell, if a significant part of your diet — some 60 to 70 percent — consists of fat, your body will have no alternative but to binge on fat for its fuel. Hence the scientifically proven logic that you need fat to burn fat.

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, the tactic involves limiting your carbohydrate intake by filling your plate with wholesome protein, low starch vegetables and fats such as eggs, avocado, cheese, cream, nuts…, and — yes — let’s not forget butter.

You should also know that fats such as butter are necessary if your body is to fully absorb many of the high-powered nutrients found in vegetables.

For example, without fat, we loose the ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins or carotenoids like beta carotene and lycopene — powerful disease-fighting anti-oxidants that protect us against free-radicals that are constantly at war with our bodies to speed up the onset of aging.

For an effective prescription on how to shoot for that body-to-die-for, check out the following link:

Happy eating!


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